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Implementation of water efficiency strategies for Italian urban wastewater treatment plants through performance indicators assessment.
Authors De Gisi S., Petta L., Farina R.  Year 2013
Pubblication type Poster International Conference with referee
Abstract The aim of this work is to define and apply a methodology based on the combination of environmental performance indicators (EPIs) and multi-criteria analysis (MCA) for the monitoring, assessing and managing of a set of municipal wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) serving a 'wide area' (a country, district or any other geographical/administrative entity with a strategic role in water planning) characterized by a large number of plants and one or several water utilities. The proposed methodology, based on the concept of continuous improvement (PDCA cycle), considers direct stakeholder involvement as well as the use of structured questionnaires. In order to evaluate treatment performances, for each single WWTP, three performance indices were defined: technological equipment index (ITE); environmental performance index (IEP), potential treatment capacity index (IPT). Moreover, an aggregate index named preference index (IP) was defined to assess the overall wastewater treatment quality. The application of the methodology to the Italian municipal WWTPs with a population equivalent (PE) not less than 50,000 inhabitants (corresponding to a total PE of 26,574,578 inhabitants) shows that the methodology outputs are in line with actual technological equipment and the environmental performance of the considered facilities. The methodology is able to identify critical plants and simulate their performances in response to specific measures to be undertaken within a water infrastructure plan. Therefore, it can support the decision making process aimed at socio-economic development and environmental management. The Italian case study highlights the suitability of the proposed methodology for governmental institutions and water utility companies.
Reference De Gisi S., Petta L., Farina R. (2013),
Poster presentation at the '7th IWA specialist conference on efficience use and management of water', October 22th, 23th, 24th, 25th, Paris, France 2013.
Research unit TIGRI
LastUpdate 29/07/2014
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