Services at Tecnopolo ENEA

All laboratories at "Tecnopolo ENEA" in Bologna carry out industrial research and technology transfer activities (as stated in the annexes A titled “Requisiti per l’accreditamento istituzionale delle strutture di ricerca industriale e trasferimento tecnologico dell’Emilia-Romagna”), in:

  • Personalized services, representing most part of the activities of the organization, comprising:
    • industrial research and technology transfer projects, with an active involvement of external partners and users and a wide impact on the community, as well as projects within the frame of regional, national or European programs in partnership with other research institutions;
    • commissioned activities: industrial research and technology transfer projects carried out to fulfill special requirement by the customer;
  • Promotional and informational services: from workshops organization to the dissemination of informative materials (e.g. newsletters, websites), to present updates of activities and in-depth analyses on technological topics.
  • Educational services: courses and seminars for the external audience, aiming to transfer the knowledge about new technologies.

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